::: Klimt 1918 :::

City walls are coming down,
itís a brand new worldís deep sound
sleeping under these remains...

And I guess I could be wrong
time ago all hope was gone
moving lips to breath that time.

No murder by the light of sun,
Iíve only come to see it shines,
please let me take a bite of cloud,
time for romantic view!

In the halflight were I stand
Roma rises from the pink,
itís a slice of light
that brings me hope...

 Moving lips to breathe worm joy
silent wishful noise
though the dust red buildings
kiss the sky.

... stay wild another time ...

 And I know itís time to run,
to forgive the burning rain
Ďtwist your head in windí,
yeah someone says

And I try to organize,
all the tears I cried
I have lived and mourned
for aftermath...

Aftercare day, aftergame time
afterward cry ,
grey hairs on my head...

See the time of youth is gone,
see the rage of past is vain,

try to close your eyes and smile
(sleeping) under these remains...


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